Ursuline Nuns

In 1725, the Ursuline Nuns were requested to the city of New Orleans by Bienville so that they would run a military hospital. They arrived on August 7, 1827 and immediately began helping the people of New Orleans. They opened the city’s first orphanage as well as the country’s first school for girls.
The Ursulines also played a pivotal role in the battle of New Orleans The Sisters as well as the residents of New Orleans prayed for General Andrew Jackson and his troops during the Battle of New Orleans. They not only nursed the American soldiers back to health, but the British ones as well. General Jackson referred to their efforts as a “heavenly intercession” multiple times. Each year after the battle, President Jackson always made sure to visit the Ursuline Covenant and to honor them in a Mass of Thanksgiving on January 8th. To this day, a yearly mass is celebrated at the Ursuline Convent to commemorate the Battle of New Orleans.


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